• joshblankenship31

How To Be More Confident

If you lead a church, run a business or do really do anything at all, confidence is a huge part of success. You don’t always have to be the most talented leader or have the most degrees to be seen as an expert worth following. You also don’t even need to be liked by everyone (because that is impossible.)

Many people confuse confidence with pride. There is a difference. Prideful leaders rarely listen and believe they are right about every subject regardless of their experience. Confident leaders are confident in the areas that God has gifted them in and are willing to listen to people who know about the things they aren’t naturally good at.

If you want to grow your organization you MUST be confident. No one wants to follow a wishy-washy leader who struggles to make important and tough decisions.

If you’re struggling with confidence, these tips might help…

1 – Stop Comparing

You are different than every other leader. It’s easier said than done, but to become the leader you need to be you have to stop comparing yourself to others. When you become confident and sure in who God made you, you can start being the best version of you possible.

2 – Accept Mistakes

There is nothing worse than a leader who blames everyone else. Mistakes are going to happen. Maybe they are your fault, maybe they aren’t. Confident leaders are willing to step up and accept the blame and take responsibility.

3 – Commit and Act

I’ve been around leaders who make decisions and then immediately go back on those decisions at the first sign of trouble. That’s not fun for your followers. Confident leaders are willing to live with the results once the decision has been made. Confidence is not about burying your head in the sand, it’s about being willing to commit and do EVERYTHING possible to make it happen.

4 – Set Personal Goals

One of the best ways to build your confidence is to see success from time to time. Set achievable goals for yourself and then go conquer them. It always feels good when you accomplish something. No matter how small.

5 – Accept Your Limitations

I have some news for you. You are not the best at everything. If you think you are, you’re not a confident leader, you are a prideful leader. If you lead by example and hire good people, your team will be successful and you will become more confident.