• joshblankenship31

The Fundamentals Of Personal Responsibility

Turn on the news for 5 minutes and you’ll quickly see that our world appears to be in chaos. Riots, shouting at each other and so many other issues take front and center on every nightly news show.

Obviously, sin plays a huge role in all this nonsense. As human beings, we are wired to think of ourselves first and others second. We are wired to believe that the entire world should revolve around what we think and how we feel. The more “connected” the world becomes on social media and the internet, the more selfish and irresponsible we become as people.

I’m convinced more every day that the single biggest issue in the world today is selfishness. We have allowed our selfishness to dictate our behavior, our thinking and even how we raise our kids. If we don’t get the president we want, we throw tantrums and call the other side names. If we don’t get the amount of money we think we “deserve” at work, we demand the government step in and do something about it. If our church isn’t growing, we yell and scream about how culture and “Hollywood” has ruined everything.

If we want things to change and see things get better, the only thing we can do is to start living and teaching personal responsibility. It’s easy to blame everyone else for what you don’t have. It’s hard to get up every morning and work 18 hours to get what you want. Until we start living like every single one of our actions and decisions matter, we can never start to flip the script. If everyone decided to take a little responsibility for themselves, their family, their church and their business we could see a total 180 from the way things seem to be going.

These are the fundamentals of personal responsibility. These are your first steps toward taking ownership of your leadership, church, business or personal life.

1 – Take Ownership Of EVERYTHING

Stop making excuses. If your church or business isn’t growing, take it as a personal challenge. I’ve heard so many Pastors say things like “It’s our parking lot” or “The NFL kills our attendance.” Don’t just look around and blame outside forces for anything in your life. If your kids are getting in trouble at school, don’t blame the teachers for “not understanding.” If you’re not making the money you wish you were, don’t blame rich people. Sure there are some things like the weather that are out of your control, but for the most part, everything you do on a daily basis is something you can change or do better.

2 – Live IN Solutions

For every problem, there is a solution. Most of the time, the solution is not found in whining about your situation. If you don’t like the results you’re getting, do something. If your marriage isn’t what you want, spend more time with your spouse and less time working. If your church isn’t growing, find a way to reach more people. The only way to change things is to find a different path. You can’t continue doing the same things and expect to get different results. Make a change, dive in and see what happens.

3 – Remain Disciplined

Once you’ve realized that personal responsibility is the way to go, you may begin to think it will be easy. It’s not. Choosing to take responsibility for your life can be extremely difficult. That is why most people don’t do it. The world is paved with good intentions. It’s only those who remain disciplined who see results. Nothing worth doing is easy, but if you commit to something you can make it happen. Every single day you must choose the right thing to get you where you want to go.

I am convinced we can turn this thing around. As leaders, pastors and forward thinkers, it’s our job to pass this message on. Whatever you want to be or accomplish you can do. It’s proven every single day (especially in America.) Stop complaining about what you don’t have. Stop blaming others for your current situation. Choose to take responsibility for yourself and those in your circle and you’ll start seeing the results you want to see.