• joshblankenship31

3 ways political ideology is ruining your life

Social media has made us worse people. There is very little doubt about that in my mind. It has allowed us to say things we would have never said to others without the comfort and protection of a keyboard. It has fueled our jealousy of others success and forced us into groups that we rarely tear away from. If you think of everything as a left vs right issue your life will be worse. If you let others politics determine your happiness you will always be unhappy.

Not sure if you're one of those people? Here are 3 easy ways to tell.

1. You find yourself saying "I'm not doing business with that person who disagrees with me"

I'm a total free-market guy. I don't believe anyone should be forced to serve or do business with anyone they don't want to. That being said, I think boycotts are dumb and outing sponsors of TV hosts is just as absurd. Not everyone is going to agree with you, and that's ok. I promise you can still be friends. If your not man or woman enough to stand alone in your principles and beliefs there won't be many people left to buy things from. Letting people speak their mind used to be a value we all had. The more ideas, the better. Yes, even the ones you disagree with and think are disturbing. Shutting ideas down and trying to force everyone to think like you will be the downfall of our society.

2. You constantly frame the other side as uneducated and misinformed

Here's a crazy thought. You're not always going to be right. Very smart people can come to different conclusions about the same issue. When you frame the argument around the idea that you know better you are simply causing the divide to grow wider. The biggest problem with this mindset is when it begins to force other people to pay and do things you think are smart. If you think raising your neighbors' taxes to build that sweet new skatepark your kid has always wanted is a good idea for your town, there will be some very informed and intelligent people in your community who disagree. You may have good intentions but they aren't idiots because they don't want to fund your pet project.

As a side note, I would never lobby or campaign my city or state to force others to pay for what I want. My happiness and "quality of life" is not more precious than my neighbor s freedom. We would get along much better if both sides would stop spending each other's money and all agree to make the life we want and not force anyone else to pay for it.

3. You want your rights, but not your responsibility

Today, everyone is screaming about rights. Free college is a right, healthcare is a right, free taco Tuesday is a right (I might be ok with that one.) Here's an idea. NOTHING can be a right if I have to force someone else to pay for it. Rights are given by God. They cannot be taken away by a government or an individual. Because we frame everything as a right we take everything more personally than we did when they were simply ideas. Let's stop claiming that everyone owes us things and we'll all get along better. Let's take some personal responsibility and stop yelling at the other people to make us happy.