• Josh Blankenship

Reality Sucks For Those Who Don't Live In It

Recently, a once-great sports website saw a majority of their "journalists" be fired or quit. Why? Because they stopped caring about sports and started becoming political activists. The website Dead Spin has seen its viewers plummet. A venture capitalist firm came in and bought the website and proceeded to instruct it's employees to focus on sports. This, of course, outraged those editors and writers who believed they were on a mission to save the world by sharing their thoughts on climate change and other political stuff.

So what's the problem? These mostly millennial fools lost site of reality. They work at a sports website and had to quit because they were told to get back to sports? Am I the only one who sees the ridiculousness of this?

So many people in our society have lost track of reality and want to live in a world that doesn't exist. So many people get divorced because they want to live in a Hallmark channel marriage and not put in the work to actually have a solid marriage. Tons of parents hand out Ipads and iPhones to their 12-year-old and then are shocked when they find out their daughter is sending topless photos to her boyfriend.

Those people aren't stupid. They just aren't living in reality. Living in the real world is a tough place to live. You're not always going to win. You have to put in so much work. You have to live unselfishly for your partner and kids. You have to say no to things when everyone else is saying yes.

In the real world, if all you do is take, your career and relationships will fail. No one cares why you were late for work or missed your deadlines. Everyone (including rich people) have problems. Yours are not more important and if you want to succeed, you need to handle your own business.

In the real world, if all you do is take, your career and relationships will fail.

Here a few tips if you are ready to live in the real world.

Understand that people are different than you and learn to deal with different types of people.

Take responsibility. If you make a mistake, own it and don't let it happen again.

Stop making excuses. If your marriage is failing, it's your fault. If you're not happy with your job, it's your fault. If your kids are always in trouble at school, it's your fault. Once you stop blaming others you will find these problems are much easier to fix.

Stop being "depressed" all the time. We live in the easiest time in human history. Very few of us have to forage for food. Science has helped eliminate many deadly diseases. Global poverty is shooting down. Most of your problems aren't that serious when you look at it from a real-world perspective, so stop creating problems where they don't exist.

Learn to see the world as it is instead of what you want it to be. If you work for a sports website, don't be outraged when the boss tells you to shut up about politics. If you don't spend quality time with your spouse, don't be shocked when they come to you with divorce papers. Actions and inactions have real consequences. We learned that as kids and it doesn't change when you become an adult.