• joshblankenship31

Can we please stop talking about generations

There is nothing that grinds my gears more than the generational differences talk. There are thousands of articles and opinions about millennials or boomers out there on the interwebs. Hundreds of them will tell you that Millennials just think differently than previous generations but I'm here to tell you that it is all bull.

My single biggest frustration with the American system today is that everyone has to fit inside a group. The idea that all African American must think the same, or that all people born between 1984 and 1999 are all the same is absurd. The idea that all people over 50 think one way and all people under that age think another is ridiculous and harmful to society.

As I grow and mature as a leader and business owner the one thing I can count on is that everyone is an individual. There are factors that go into who that person becomes, but simply because that person is a certain age is not one of them.

I can name 10 successful gen Xers. I can name 10 successful boomers. And much to the surprise of most, I can also name 10 successful millennials. It's not (and has never been) about what year you were born. It is about who you are, the choices you make, and what you do.

If we as a nation spent half of the time we spend studying the differences between what millennials want versus what boomers want imagine what we could accomplish. Imagine what would happen if we encouraged every individual to succeed regardless of their circumstances.

We could do so much more if we stopped lumping people into categories. If we stopped saying that the millennial generation needs this or that.

Real success comes from hard work and providing value to someone else. It doesn't matter what year you were born or what happened to your grandparents. If we started teaching our kids that they can be successful using that formula we could solve a bunch of our problems.